Virtual travel for plush doll (Stuffed animal)

Fairy will take Your precious stuffed animal Put it on a flying teacup to all over the world.

You can enjoy Fairy photo of your Stuffed and diary each day. Without fear of actually sending by courier.

Please note


Please make sure that the email address can get email with pictures from PC.


I will make 10 illustrations based on this photo.

so, please send good photo. and don't dress up too much.


10 illustration  make Natural appearance, some of it is small,  some of it is backstyle.


Do not use those travel photos for commercial purpose.

(instagram , youtube etc is OK)


I will use those illustrations for Youtube for Fairy Travel happy memory.



★this Virtual travel is for Only plushies .No accept dolls like Barbie and Blythe. 


 I am Japanese. Not good at, I will make diary with google translation.

that why not perfect English sometimes .




past tour
past tour

To be virtual rock star tour L.A. 5days

special project!

It's a little different from the usual tour.


this time, 

your plushie going to be rock star!!

Play on big stage of rock festival in L.A.


and spend 3days in the fes.

then go to visit Grand Canyon.


we will email you everyday with picture and daily reports.

Or send them by Instagram DM(please follow me for it)


total 6 picture of your plushie .


when you buy this tour

you will receive the application acceptance automatic email,


please sent back the mail with

★ Photographs of stuffed animals (whole body, side view, back view)

 Or please send me photos by Instagram DM.


first picture and report will be late august.


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Fairy Travel Thai Tour 5days 10pictures and diary

We will deliver Illustrated image Every day during the trip.

Like the first image ,a combination of a photo and a caricature picture.

Different from usual, You can enjoy the expressive appearance.


After purchase This product, you will receive email.

please send back the email with your plushie photos.(front ,side,back)

in 24hours.


if you want to join this tour 2 plushies, make  quantity 2.


Tour will start about after 20 days later.

This product Not included real miniature travel souvenirs.


Only 10 photo of your plushie , diary of the day (I tell how they enjoyed) are This product .


Payment: Credit card only.


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